We offer many styles of doors : front doors, porches, French doors, back doors, stable doors – the choices are very varied.

Bi-Fold Doors : We now specialise in sliding bi-fold doors, which are a great alternative to French doors. They are usually fitted on sliding door gear which enables a much wider opening as there are no fixed glass panels or posts. They have excellent weather proofing and draught proofers incorporated into the doors and the framing. They are a great product as they can give unobstructive views of your garden. The door sets can have various opening combinations, e.g. all the doors can slide in one direction, or they can be divided into opposite directions. You can even have French doors or a single swing door incorporated into most bi-fold door sets .

For smaller apertures, bi fold doors can be hung on standard butt hinges.

French Doors: All our French doors can be made in a style suited to your particular room, i.e. with full length side-lights, side windows, top-lights or simply by themselves. They will always be fitted with a 5 lever lock and rebate conversion kit, handles, mortice security bolts, cabin hooks (to keep the doors open when required) and a stormguard weather bar to the sill.

Front Doors : All our front doors are purpose made to your own particular requirement. We will provide all the necessary door furniture – five lever locks, rim locks, cylinder pulls, mortice security bolts, letter box, bell push etc.

Back Doors/Stable Doors : Our back doors and stable doors are made to your own needs. Again, we will provide all the necessary high quality door furniture. We will even fit cat flaps/dog flaps if required!

Generally, all our doors are manufactured in a high quality hardwood.

As a standard,all doors will have toughened glass. Any door with more than 50% glazing will also have low emissivity glass.

Side windows to the doors will always have toughened glass and low emissivity glass.

Self cleaning glass is also available as an option for your doors.

All our doors will have three coats of wood stain or micro porous paint applied in our factory.

Please visit our Photo Gallery for a further portfolio of our products.