Conservatories individually designed and made in Essex.

When we prepare your estimate we will let you have a copy of a computer designed drawing depicting your proposed conservatory, in order for you to get an idea of what it will look like.

Why not contact us today for a quotation on your next conservatory or orangery.

We use a very reputable architectural designer who will draw up the plans and submit to your local council if Planning Permission or Building Regulations are required for the building of your proposed conservatory.

All our conservatories are generally manufactured from high quality hardwoods. If you require the conservatory in a paint finish, the joinery will have one coat of an isolating primer and two further coats of micro porous paint applied. If you require the conservatory to have a stain finish, then one base protective coat plus two further coats of stain will be applied. We offer varied shades of paints and stains, all of which are applied directly in our Essex factory.

Base Work and Framing

Trustwood Joinery can arrange for all the necessary foundations and base work for your proposed conservatory to be carried out by our own reputable builder. Alternatively, the conservatory can be erected on brickwork previously prepared by your own builder.

We would recommend that the conservatory is built on at least a one metre deep strip foundation, that the brickwork is cavity (generally six to eight courses above damp course level) and that both the base work and the cavity gap are insulated.

All conservatory framing can have opening sashes with locking fittings. The non-openers to the conservatory window framing will have dummy sashes for an even sight line, and high quality draught proofer will be fitted behind all sashes and doors.

We offer side hung casement style window framing which is generally used when you require fanlight windows above. Or we can offer top hung opening casements which do provide a more unobstructed view of your garden!

Alternatively, the conservatory can have sliding box sash style windows which are hung on spiral spring balances and fitted with a locking Fitch fastener and vent lock. They are also fitted with sash pulls and handles for ease of use.

We also offer a Georgian bar feature using either a plant on bar system or separate glass units.

The plant on bar system is used to provide a narrower Georgian bar appearance, which is consistent with older style houses and used a lot in conservation areas and Listed Buildings.

All our conservatories have high quality fittings which are typically available in a brass, chrome or black finish. Generally a pair of doors to the conservatory will have a 5 lever lock and rebate conversion kit, mortise security bolts, handles, hinges, cabin hooks and a weather bar to the sill.

All our conservatory window sashes have double-glazed units. All our conservatory doors and any low level framing are glazed with toughened glass.

We also offer the option of a range of low emissivity glass in both hard and soft coats available for the conservatory windows and doors.

We also offer double glazed units that incorporate an integral venetian window blind within the unit. They need no cleaning and are protected from being damaged.

Roof and Glazing

All our roofing systems are made of wood to the inside part of the conservatory. The exterior components to the conservatory, i.e. roof capping, finials and crestings are made from powder-coated aluminium which are maintenance free.

For additional ventilation to your conservatory we can offer roof vents with either a manual hand winder or electrically operated openers.

The conservatory roof glazing is usually made from double glazed, toughened glass units. The glass has a stepped end to give protection to the seal on the units and to prevent any capillary action.

We offer low emissivity glass for the conservatory roof. We can also, if required, fit tinted anti-sun and heat reflective glasses to the conservatory roof which keeps the conservatory cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We can also fit self-cleaning glass to the conservatory roof. All these glasses are available in a range of colours.

Alternatively, conservatories can have a polycarbonate roof. This comes in a range of thickness, generally between 16mm and 25mm, and is offered in a clear, bronze, opal or two tone finish.

Conservatory installers in Essex

Trustwood Joinery design and build luxury and individually designed conservatories, and cover the majority of Essex. We have two conservatories on show at our factory in Brentwood, Essex which is open for visitors. Off street parking is available.

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